!*! Now I find Myself Alone !*!

Fun Hungama

!*! Now I find Myself Alone !*!

This yearning in my heart
This confusion in my mind
The words left unspoken
Haunts me all the time !!

I waited for your love in hope,
That ours would come again,
And make me feel the things I felt,
When we were one, back then !!

But time and distance have erased,
The things I wished anew,
And now I find myself alone,
Though I am here with you !!

How can I have faith in God..
When people I love are taken from me
Where can I find true and loyal friends
I'm sick of the lies, fights and revenge !!

You see the hope that is finally dead
I cannot trust for my heart has been bled
Thank for all your love and support ..
Now, I look forward to my life getting sort !!