~*~Can't you hear my crying calls???~*

~*~ Can't you hear my crying calls ???~*~

A million tears,
Fall from these eyes,.
A million screams,
Turn into cries,

I love her so much,
I'm trying to cope,
With this pain,
I promise i won't lose hope,

Pictures of us,
Now contain tear stains,
I held the pictures close,
As my tears poured like rain,

My End day,
Now only some days away,
I cry alone cause you're not here,
I'm not going to be okay,

I remember our first meet,
Up the net reading your profile n scraps,
You held me close kissed my lips,
Now it's just a memory trail,

Please forgive me i made a mistake,
I just want to fix it, i want you back,
My world is just not right without you,
it just keeps getting more black,

My heart is bleeding,
Always for you,
I only wish,
You felt it too,

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
My rose is white,
And it bleeds for you,

Just know that I care,
And will always be here,
Carrying on my cheek,
A warm bloody tear,

For when i see your name,
With you i feel my heart break,
Knowing now that love,
Isn't as easy as a piece of cake,

I always thought we'd be together,
Until death do us part,
But I was wrong,
I ripped us apart,

Please I know,
That we can catch this slip,
Please baby please,
I know we can re grip,..

I try to hold my cries in,
But this pain is killing me,
Can't you see I love you,
And we were meant to be?

I promise i wont let you down,
I promise i won't lie,
I promise to be there when you need me,
I promise this as i cry,

Sitting here all alone,
In my dark room,
I write this poem in hope,
That you will come back soon,

I need you oh so much,
Please dnt leave me here,
Cause right now my mind is taking over,
And death is my biggest fear,

My mind and heart are killing me,
As i hold my pillow close,
My imagination lets me pretend its you,
As my love for you grows,

Please baby I'm waiting for you,
As these tears do fall,
Baby please come back to me,
Can't you hear my crying calls???