Fun Hungama
Hope for Happiness

Sometimes I get tired with life,
Living with the trials and strife.
Questioning God almighty why me?
Or maybe in heaven he just couldn’t see.

Unguided thoughts of misfortune,
Maybe the music of life is out of tune.
The road seems always an uphill,
Crucial moments always make me stand still.

Yet in this life I realize,
Each cross is of different size.
God won’t forsake his children,
As a shepherd looks after his flock.

I’ll be here striving for now,
Hurting yet healing not for long.
I still believe that the sun will shine,
Looking forward for the rainbow that ¡s so fine.

I’ll stare on the sky with hope in my heart,
Each morning will be a brand new start.
Lord, please heal this wounded soul,
Return the happiness that the devil stole.

by Chloe

Fun Hungama