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Kristen Stewart was born on April 9, 1990 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is a very young, beautiful and talented American film and television actress.

Kristen Stewart’s father is named John Stewart, and no he’s not the host of The Daily Show. Instead, Kristen’s dad is a stage manager and producer, and her mother is a script supervisor and filmmaker.

In fact, in a family of production-heads, Stewart was the only one who dared try her luck in front of the camera, even though her aspirations lay behind it. But after an agent saw Stewart perform in her elementary school’s Christmas play, he signed her. Though Stewart wasn’t able to continue attending school due to the demands of her career, she eventually graduated high school through correspondence. She Said, " I don’t want to be Angelina Jolie. Not that Angelina Jolie is not the most talented, beautiful, successful, amazing, admirable person who does good things for the world, but I don’t want to be a movie star like that. I don’t think there’s anything about being a celebrity that is desirable. I understand that everybody’s going to know who you are and what you look like, but why be so obsessive?"