Anushka Sharma Bollywood Wallpaper

Anushka Sharma Wallpaper

Anushka Sharma might prefer to maintain a low profile but her body of work is not letting her do that. And this is not going well with her contemporaries, including some of her senior colleagues in town. Anushka's growing popularity has become a matter of concern for a few Bollywood babes....

Anushka Sharma Bollywood Newbie

Anushka, on her part attributes her current phase to hard work and good luck.

Anushka Sharma Bollywood Glam

Talking about her success story so far, the actress says, "I have been fortunate to be part of films that gets the audiences' approval.

Anushka Sharma beautiful face

Moreover the fact that I get to work with the top stars in Bollywood has always helped my films in a big way and thus my career so far.

Anushka Sharma beautiful

I only believe in giving my best and rest is just falling in place."

Anushka Sharma band baja baarat

Though Anushka makes no efforts to impress her competitors but she ends up doing it eventually.

Anushka Sharma smiling

With her raising stocks and the raising envy levels among her contemporaries, let's hope Anushka has many more successes to claim.

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