Kangna Ranaut Glamorous in Rascals

Kangna Ranaut Wallpaper in Rascals

Though Kangana Ranaut is known to be one of the edgiest actors onscreen, she had been staying away from the bikini for all these years. You may not be able to digest this, but reason the babe was putting it off was because she was apprehensive about her weight and did not want to don a bikini till she was completely confident about carrying it off! She even confessed her reluctance to the Rascals’ director David Dhawan. But Dhawan, we hear, was quite persistent and finally, Kangana managed to get the right look. Well, we feel that the actor should have cut down on the flab a little bit more before getting into the bikini. Waddaya think? Check out Kangna's Glamour...

Kangna Ranaut HD Wallpaper in Rascals

Kangna Ranaut Actress in Movie Rascals

Kangna Ranaut Latest Movie Rascals Wallpaper

Kangna Ranaut Glamorous in Rascals

Kangna Ranaut HQ Wallpaper in Rascals

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