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Jessica Biel Hollywood Actress HD Wallpaper-01-1440x1280

Jessica Biel (Jessica Claire Biel) was born on March 3, 1982, in Ely, Minnesota, but grew up in Boulder, Colorado, after her family relocated to the rocky state. Check out Jessica Biel's so beautiful wallpapers...

Jessica Biel Hollywood Model Wallpaper-1600x1200-01

Model Jessica Biel Wallpaper-1600x1200-02

Hollywood Model Jessica Biel Wallpaper-1600x1200-03

Gorgeous Model Jessica Biel Wallpaper-1600x1200-04

Glamorous Model Jessica Biel Wallpaper-1600x1200-05

Pretty Model Jessica Biel Wallpaper-1600x1200-06

Beautiful Model Jessica Biel Wallpaper-1600x1200-07

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