Kristen Bell Glamour Wallpapers

Actress Kristen Bell Glamorous Wallpaper

Almost any copy of gossip rag Star magazine is enough to convince you that some starlets look like scary hags without proper hair and makeup, Kristen Bell is not one of them. Her skin is fair, but she doesn't look washed-out if she's not done up. When she does add some extra color here and there, it just adds to what she already has. Check out her photo shoot...

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Beautiful Kristen Bell Wallpaper-1600x1200-02

Glamorous Kristen Bell Wallpaper-1600x1200-03

Spicy Kristen Bell Wallpaper-1600x1200-04

Kristen Bell Glamor Wallpaper-1600x1200-05

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Kristen Bell Glamorous HD Wallpaper-1600x1200-07

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