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Megan Fox
Wallpapers & Mini Biography
Part : 2

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Date of Birth: May 16, 1986
Birth Place : Rockwood, Tennessee

Darlene Tonachio gave birth to Megan Fox in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. After her parents divorced, Fox grew up in a strict household maintained by her mother and stepfather. Fox claims that throughout her high school career, she was constantly targeted by bullies because she got along better with boys, and other girls resented her for it. Hmm , we wonder why the boys liked having her around? But in between eating lunch alone in bathroom stalls and showing boys her bra strap, Fox was taking acting classes while harboring aspirations of stardom. By 17, Fox had moved to Los Angeles, and was landing guest roles in various low-profile projects.

Megan Fox and Michael Bay's relationship seemed doomed from the beginning. When the bombastic director cast the relatively unknown actress opposite Shia Labeouf in his blockbuster tent-pole Transformers, he essentially handed her a golden ticket to movie stardom. Fox had been stuck in the sludge of middling sitcom purgatory before Bay had her don a barely-there pair of denim shorts and a midriff-baring top, yielding one of the most iconic sexually charged scenes in cinema history. Read More...>>>