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Megan Fox
Wallpapers & Mini Biography
Part : 3

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Megan Fox's first major Hollywood film -- the Michael Bay-directed robot romp Transformers -- grossed over $700 million worldwide. Not bad for a first effort, right? However since then, Fox has tried desperately to distance herself from the franchise that she deems frivolous; so much so that after starring in the smash sequel, Fox was dropped from the third film in favor of fellow stunner Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. How her post-Transformers career will play out remains to be seen, but after the box office dud that was Jennifer's Body, coupled with the bad buzz surrounding her upcoming summer actioner Jonah Hex, don't be surprised if one day you see Fox running once again from a psychotic toaster in the straight-to-DVD classic Transformers 8: The Return of The Killer Kitchen Appliances.

From the moment a sultry, slinky brunette named Megan Fox bent over the hood of a '76 Camaro in Michael Bay's Transformers, we knew our lives would never be the same again. It was a moment that marked the arrival of a brand new Hot symbol -- the ultimate Hot symbol. Read More...>>>