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Elisha Cuthbert successfully auditioned for a prominent role on a new FOX drama entitled 24 in which she was to play the daughter of Kiefer Sutherland’s harried government agent.

The show, which became an instant smash hit, transformed Elisha into a hot symbol virtually overnight, and while some fans occasionally grew tired of her character’s useless antics, there’s simply no denying that 24 catapulted Elisha Cuthbert to A-list status.

In 2003, Elisha appeared in two high-profile Hollywood films -- Love Actually and Old School -- and it became clear to those around her that she was a star in the making.

While Elisha Cuthbert keeps a fairly low profile, there’s little doubt that she remains one of the most alluring contemporary actresses in her age group. It’s clear that Elisha possesses the talent and beauty to compete with any of her well-known colleagues.