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When Charlize Theron dropped out of a planned role in 2001's Pearl Harbor, Kate Beckinsale stepped in and her star was born. Having sharpened up her acting chops in British films like Shooting Fish and lesser-known American fare such as Brokedown Palace and The Last Days of Disco, it was her role as a nurse that made her a familiar face and had most of the male population wanting a taste of her bedside manner. Since that time, Kate Beckinsale's signature role has been the vampire Selene in a pair of Underworld movies with a rumored 3-D installment waiting in the wings.

Kate Beckinsale's incredible good looks have made her easy fodder for playing romantic love interests (Serendipity) and classic damsels (Van Helsing), but her athleticism and tough demeanor have made her an action hero of late -- both in the Underworld films and recent efforts like Whiteout. An actress who tries to seek out roles that emphasize the human qualities of women rather than the sexual ones, Kate Beckinsale has had a chance to stretch her acting talents in more dramatic directions for challenging fare like The Aviator and the recent family drama, Everybody's Fine.